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Welcome to the latest installment of “How the car club runs”. Just  note that the 2017 Sonic Cruise in’s will be starting at 4:00 P.M., two hours earlier than last year.  We believe that the early start will give us more light and warmer temps during the winter months as well as accommodate the fall football games. The club went to Ricky’s Café in Moore on March 16th, for our monthly cruise and eat.  Just excellent again.  They sat all 40 of us In a room isolated from the rest of the café and served us great food and did it well.  What a good time all   seemed to have.  Lots of laughter, story telling and all. The Jan, Feb, and March Sonic Cruise in’s have all been ruined by cold wind and temps too cool to enjoy outdoor activity.  Better luck in April.   The club worked the Leake  Auto Auction which was held on Feb 23-26th.  We worked the check in, the checkout, traffic control the parking spots, consoled losing bidders, drove cars, transported drivers and car owners, pushed cars up to the auction block, managed keys for 550 cars, ate sandwiches prepared by  member Pat L. (did you ever notice that sandwiches prepared by someone else always taste soooo much better than those you prepare for your self and made sacrifices like driving AMC Gremlins , old 55 Chevys and hot Corvettes).  We have a reputation as a club of dependability and hard work.  The club has elected new officers for the 2017 year.  Ken Kurdziel will serve as President, Wallace Mellinger will serve as Vice President, Debbie Boyce will serve as Secretary and Glenn Gardiner will serve as Treasurer.  Thanks to these folks for their time and effort to keep our club strong.   We ended the 2016 year with 74 member families, not bad for a little car club from the tri-city area. Sadly we lost a longtime member early in 2017.  Jerry Chandler passed in Feb after a long illness.  He was a great guy and will be missed. Sadly we had another death among car club members families.  Wilbur and Debra Cameron lost special relative Helen on Friday March 10th.  Wilbur and Debra had long cared for Helen who had special needs.  There are angles on earth, and they are real examples.  Our next adventure was the  Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Blanchard on March 18th at 4:30 P.M.  About 10 of us lined up but only 8 of us made it to the end. One car died along the route, and one car failed to start in the parking lot after making it to Blanchard and getting in line.  Makes life interesting, these old cars.    It was Surprising how many kids were lined up waving and happy for the candy being thrown their way.  These parades are a hoot, try it if you haven’t.  All cars welcome, so join us next parade. Our Monthly business meeting was held on Monday March 6th where planning continued on our Annual Car Show scheduled for April 29th.    Many members attended and good discussions were held.  Members Mike Winkle and Al Cardwell passed out our car show fliers at the Coffee and Cars event on N.W. 122nd and May on Sat morn March 4th.  They had breakfast at 5:45 A.M. and arrived at the show before 7 A.M. in order to get a parking place among the 500 or so participants.  Proof positive that car nuts are nuts.  P.S.  James McCormick became a new member in Feb.  James has long attended our club events, cruises et., and decided that the time was right to join.  He drives the Yellow 68 Pontiac GTO.  Welcome man!  See you! Members Bruce and Anie Crone went to the Newcastle High School and represented our club at the presentation of Girls State and Boys State awards.  We helped sponsor one boy and one girl.  Members Gary and Sharon Hoffman American legion members were once again behind this community service effort.  Thanks to all who volunteered their time in this effort.  P.S.  Bruce was a High School Principle for years and felt right at home in the High School Office. See You down the road!



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  1. Does your club reconise Rat Rods
    Mine is a 1940 f1 that was in the rat rod magazine 30 day and 3000 dollar build off. It took Canadian choise award last weekend a Shapiros stealfest in St Louis Mo

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