Just a reminder that this years show will be held on April 28 with a rain date of May 5th.  See you there.


Updated 2-07-2018 at somewhere around noon, just got up!

Welcome to the latest installment of “How the car club runs”. Just  note that the first 2018 Sonic Cruise was held on Saturday Jan 6th.  A few folks made it inspite of the coolness of old man winter.  Maybe a dozen hardcore auto nuts stood around and talked for a while then split for warmer surroundings.    The club went to the La Fiesta Mexican restaurant in Chickasha on Jan 18th, for the first Cruise and Eat of 2018.  The food was good.  An emergency meeting was held to provide some money for Club supporters who were in need.   They sat all 20 of us in a room full of strangers and served us great food and did it well.  What a good time all seemed to have.  Lots of laughter, story telling and all.  The club will  work the Leake (pronounced LAKE)  Auto Auction again this year Feb 22-24, 2018.  The auction is changing strategy this year concentrating on high end cars instead of lower end high volume and therefore they will need fewer workers.  We have been asked to provide 6 workers for Thursday, 6 workers for Friday and 6 workers for Sat.  No work on Sunday this year.  Paula has indicated for those who want to work we can work with out pay a couple more each day.  We have a reputation as a club of dependability and hard work so we were contacted first.  Good for us. We have a bunch of new members so please make them feel welcome.  They are as follows:  James McCormick became a new member in Feb.  James has long attended our club events, cruises et., and decided that the time was right to join.  He drives the Yellow 68 Pontiac GTO.  Welcome man!  New members also include Jimmy Waters, 76 Corvette, Robert Jones, 52 Chevrolet Pickup and a long time attendee at the cruise in’s, Chad and Gail Louvar with a 2002 Corvette, Charles and Galina Brown, with the Coral James Bond T-Bird, Harold Reust and Starr Brewer and their 57 Wagon, Larry West and his 69 K-10 Chev Truck, Jason and Britune Outlaw with a 66 Mustang, Dennis and Kathe Dodd with a 94 Dodge Viper and a 2061 Dodge Hellcat, Paul and Devin White with several cars including  an 81 F-100, and 85 Supra and  an 07 Mustang GT/CS and Robert Dedmon with a 67 SS Chevelle.  This just in  Bill and Vicki Canary have joined the club again.  They were members a couple of years ago but sold their car. They have purchased a 29 Model a Roadster and are back in the fold.  Welcome all!  Beginning in 2018 Debbie Boyce will take over the Newsletter duties.  Let’s give her all the support, finally some real news. As of today we are having some technical difficulty in opening the newsletter for all to read.  Bear with us as we work this tech problem.  Annual 2018 dues are due right now.  Please submit them to our Treasurer via check in person or mail them to TCC P.O. Box 113 Newcastle Ok, 73065. $20.00 per family!                                                                                                                                                                   MORONS OF THE MONTH                                                                               This months group comes from all over our wonderful country.  Seems that several Basketball players from a prominent West Coast University traveled to China with their team to play a basketball game to kick off the season and promote good-will between our two countries.  Well they left the team Hotel, took to the street and got caught shoplifting.  Why it’s not called stealing perplexes me.  Well they were arrested and quickly turned loose when political intervention took over.  I actually believe that the Chinese turned them loose after a medical examination determined that none of the three had any living brain cells.  After returning to our country they read(barely) obviously prepared statements thanking American officials for getting them out of jail dng a press conference. Kinda makes me wonder how these scholars passed (wink wink)  Algebra or even basket weaving for that matter?  Way to promote good will between our countries.  Future diplomats, we’ll see?.  Our next moron tried to rob a bank with apiece of art fashioned out of some furniture designed to look like a gun.  A couple of table legs a piece of pipe and whammo you have a rifle, well kinda!  A smart clerk quickly spotted the fake and the police arrested him.  I understand that he has applied for a job at Mathis Brothers for when he gets out.   Our last moronette is an artist (one of those with one name if you know what I mean) who was denied a seat on a United Airlines flight for her Emotional Support animal, in this case a Peacock.  She had purchased a ticket for the bird but was not allowed to bring it on the plane.  The airline cited several reasons why which included but not limited to size and weight limitations required to occupy your own seat. I just wonder that if the bird had been allowed on board which way would it have faced and how would the seat belt would have been affixed.  After the Pilot turns off the seatbelt sign the cabin crew will be serving birdseed and peanuts.  My question is which of the characters needed the emotional support, the artist or the fowl.                                                                                                                                                                    SAY IT AIN’T SO BUFFALO BOB                                                           Did you know that the tin can for  canning food was invented in 1817.  Yep that’s 201 years ago.  wow.   Did you know that the can opener was invented 30 years later in 1847.  Makes you wonder about those years in between doesn’t it?  A dozen owners and their Camels were disqualified from the annual Beautiful Camel contest in Saudi Arabia recently.  Seems the owners were caught giving the camels Botoxinjections to make their faces more beautiful. I am stunned.  Camels are beautiful just as they are. I noticed an add in the Oklahoma Today Magazine back in the “Looking for a lost someone or odds and ends” section. Anyone know the whereabouts of a Bob Hagan who graduated Moore High School in the 60’s?  I called the number listed and it was busy.   See you next month.

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  1. Does your club reconise Rat Rods
    Mine is a 1940 f1 that was in the rat rod magazine 30 day and 3000 dollar build off. It took Canadian choise award last weekend a Shapiros stealfest in St Louis Mo

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