Updated 11-28-2017 at somewhere around midnight, couldn’t sleep.

Welcome to the latest installment of “How the car club runs”. Just  note that the last 2017 Sonic Cruise in will be Saturday Dec 2nd. The club went  Cimarron Steak House in OKC, for our monthly cruise and eat.  Just excellent again.  They sat all 20 of us In a room full of strangers and served us great food and did it well.  What a good time all seemed to have.  Lots of laughter, story telling and all.  The club is hoping to work the Leake (pronounced LAKE)  Auto Auction again in 2018.  It will be held sometime in Feb, when it is cold and dreary.  We have a reputation as a club of dependability and hard work.  The club’s officers for the 2017 year did an outstanding job.  Ken Kurdziel served as President, Wallace Mellinger served as Vice President, Debbie Boyce served as Secretary and Glenn Gardiner  served as Treasurer.  Thanks to these folks for their time and effort to keep our club strong.  New officers will be elected for the 2018 year at the 2017 Christmas party which will be held on Dec 4th at 6:00 P.M. at the Newcastle Multi Purpose Building.  Nominations for 2018 officers will be open to the floor at the party. We ended the 2017 year with 62 member families, not bad for a little car club from the tri-city area. Sadly we lost a longtime member early in 2017.  Jerry Chandler passed in Feb after a long illness.  He was a great guy and will be missed. Sadly we had another death among car club members families.  Wilbur and Debra Cameron lost special relative Helen on Friday March 10th.  Wilbur and Debra had long cared for Helen who had special needs.  Sadly member John Howard also passed away shortly after our car show in April.  Our final 2017 adventure will be the Nighttime Christmas Parade in Blanchard on Dec 9th, lining up at 5:00 P.M. needing lights on your car and candy to throw. Santa will be there so no Santa’s on your cars.  I’m hoping to see him because I believe, and I believe I can explain.  At least I can give it a try. This Parade produces more kids than you can shake a stick at so be ready for some fun.  These parades are a hoot, try it if you haven’t.  All cars welcome, so join us.  James McCormick became a new member in Feb.  James has long attended our club events, cruises et., and decided that the time was right to join.  He drives the Yellow 68 Pontiac GTO.  Welcome man!  New members also include Jimmy Waters, 76 Corvette, Robert Jones, 52 Chevrolet Pickup and a long time attendee at the cruise in’s, Chad and Gail Louvar with a 2002 Corvette, Charles and Galina Brown, with the Coral James Bond T-Bird, Harold Reust and Starr Brewer and their 57 Wagon, Larry West and his 69 K-10 Chev Truck, Jason and Britune Outlaw with a 66 Mustang, Dennis and Kathe Dodd with a 94 Dodge Viper and a 2061 Dodge Hellcat, Paul and Devin White with several cars including  an 81 F-100, and 85 Supra and  an 07 Mustang GT/CS and Robert Dedmon with a 67 SS Chevelle.  Welcome all!  Beginning in 2018 Debbie Boyce will take over the Newsletter duties.  Let’s give her all the support, finally some real news.  I will continue to supply nuggets of  wisdom including Morons of the month and Say it ain’t so Buffalo Bob paragraphs in the What’s Happening Section of the Web-Site.   Nite nite!

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  1. Does your club reconise Rat Rods
    Mine is a 1940 f1 that was in the rat rod magazine 30 day and 3000 dollar build off. It took Canadian choise award last weekend a Shapiros stealfest in St Louis Mo

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